shit we like,


is am

do you know what you are?

you are what you is. you is what you am.


fuck you

doom generation is awesome, and the point of it is to be deliberate, making a satire of other films of the time that were deliberate without irony.


things you say

the doom goes boom boom BOOM

last night, as i was furiously pasting on googly eyes on an old white blazer, i watched the doom generation for the first time. i didn't care much for the movie and it's noise, sex, and violence, which are all things i don't particularly mind, but in the film it seemed too... deliberate, like "look at me, this is me saying something really witty." when things are that obvious, it takes away the whole point in saying/thinking/doing shit. you know, saying/doing/thinking something just for the sake of it, without anything behind it. anyway, i only really payed attention when the credits started to roll cause "blue skied an' clear" came softly humming out. and you CANNOT fuck with slowdive.



liking someone is a lot easier than respecting them.

but there's one person in mind that i truly respect, from her work ethic all the way down to who she is, and that's amy odell. and if you don't know, now you know.


4444 xxx


to the top

i'm tired.

but keep climbing.


hash > weed

a classic. i will listen to this album till the day i die. listening to red hash is like a warm cocoon of red and purple crystals crystalizing around your tiny tiny bones. windy child, i pick notes from the sky, and looking for june are all tiptop tracks. especially looking for june, that shit is the shit.

down my load